The One with Non-alcoholic Beer...Not.

Yes, we went there. After trying Mad Millie’s Italian Cheese kit, I had my eye on the make-your-own ginger beer pack from Your Home Depot, because why not? I personally love ginger beer, so the idea of making it yourself seems right up my alley. 

Now where to begin with the monstrous thing? Let me tell you from the start, it only makes one batch - but this single batch consists of 6 bottles worth of ginger beer! There’s an option to make it alcoholic or non-alcoholic, and the choice to use the ginger sachet provided or fresh ginger. I’m kind of bummed it only allowed for a single batch, because I would’ve loved to be able to try and tweak the recipe as I pleased. However, this time around, I made non-alcoholic ginger beer using the sachet. The instructions were easy to follow and the fermentation process can take around 2-3 weeks, so make sure you give yourself ample time! The end result isn’t the excruciating sweet ginger beer you may be used to, but you can of course add more sugar and add a slice of fresh ginger or two! Now it’s time for the recipe!

Moskow Mule


500mL sweetened ginger beer (see notes)

A slice of fresh ginger

A shot of Żubrówka


Sliced apples


1. Place the shot, ginger beer and ginger in a glass. 

2. Add sliced apples and a squeeze of lemon. 

And viola! we have a cocktail. The recipe for both the ginger beer and the cocktail are super simple. It’s a great gift idea and there’s nothing like a present made with love!

Notes: To sweeten the ginger beer, I dissolved one teaspoon of brown sugar per glass (250mL).


- stayc

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