The One with a Fear of Lactose

I used to shake in my boots whenever someone mentioned lactose, and the very idea of exploring new cafes with the possibility of dairy on the menu would strike fear into my crippled osteoporotic body.  It was so bad that a mere sip from a glass of milk or a milkshake would result in regret levels peaking straight away. 

When I was sent a package of Lacto-Free, I admit I was sceptical.  There were other brands I tried that still did not work despite having double the strength of normal lactose pills.  I decided to test Lacto-Free with various cafe foods, as well as with a milkshake made at my place and finally a pure full cream milk test.  

High St Depot was one of the first places I tested out the Lacto-Free.  I had a strawberry milkshake, arancini balls, and a burnt butter hollandaise on their eggs benny.  An important thing about Lacto-Free which I had not encountered taking other lactose medication was that you need to wait 5 minutes before consumption of dairy.  It’s still ok to take it before or even after you’ve had dairy but the preventive effects are lessened. 

I found that although I had a slight stomach ache initially, it quickly disappeared and I was able to eat the dairy-laden meal with ease and enjoyment.  Perhaps I had been too keen to stop the timer at the 5 minute mark? 

The smoothies at Kin by Us have long been on my radar, but have caused quite some inner conflict whenever I attempt to finish one of these.  However, I was emboldened by my first encounter of dairy with Lacto-free and was confident I could push myself to have a couple of these with a friend. I waited a bit longer than 5 minutes this time, and found I had no symptoms of lactose intolerance. Hallelujah!

After doing some cake research for a friend’s birthday, I was inspired to create a Katherine Sabbath inspired milkshake.  Armed with some friends that actually knew how to mix a milkshake, we created these drinks below!  By now, I was sure that no dairy would ever be able to come between me and my two lactose pills taken 5 minutes and no less before every meal!! This love was real.

Finally, the last test was to try these lactose pills out on full cream milk.  I wondered whether I had been foolishly confident to try this.  After all, the last time I had had a full glass of milk was probably in early highschool after convincing my parents that drinking milk everyday would not make me immune to it. It was now or never. 

I downed the glass of milk in one, praying for my soul and that the dairy gods would be merciful. As the minutes passed, I realised that even the initial stomach pain I used to feel was not apparent.  It was a strange success that I never imagined possible - there would be no more worrying about menu choices, something that had made it quite difficult as a food blogger. I found that the box that the lactose pills came in could be too big sometimes, if I just planned on taking my camera and wallet, and wished they came in blister packs as well. Another downfall was that waiting period of 5 minutes before being able to consume any dairy, but nothing else has been as effective as Lacto-free. I am definitely going back to buy some of these next time I run out!

- Ange

Disclaimer: Although thegirlswhoatetheworld were sent a sample of Lacto-free to review by @sweatybettypr, I would and have recommended this to anyone struggling with finding the right medication for their lactose intolerance. I myself will be restocking and paying for this product with my own money in the future.

Thanks @jess.xv.v for helping out in the kitchen!



- Lacto-Free does not contain any gluten, wheat, fructose, artificial sugars, colours flavours or sweeteners, or animal products.  

- Lacto-Free should be consumed 5 minutes before consumption of dairy.

-Lacto-Free should be stored under 25 degrees celcius.

- optimum dosage is 2 tablets, but you can take only 1 if you are mildly lactose intolerant

- the tablets are easy to swallow and are depicted in the images above

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