Shuk x Quandoo

Disclaimer: we were invited to a complimentary meal at Shuk via the Quandoo platform.  All opinions remain unadulterated and our account has been taken into consideration.

Sunday brunches have forever remained one of the hardest tasks to do on the weekend amongst getting out of bed, the pile of laundry that built up over the week, and nursing that hangover from last night.  Take into consideration the long lines of hangry people, and you've got yourself turning back and snuggling into bed at home.  We were lucky this week to dine through Quandoo, and skip the large horde of customers at Shuk.

Shuk is a rowdy, friendly cafe with freshly baked bread adorning the walls.  As waitstaff bring out food, they turn heads and stop traffic.  We realised we weren't the only ones gawking at other people's meals.  

Soon enough our savoury dishes arrived, and they were well worth the wait.  We had high expectations of the shakshuka; the combination of the salty chorizo and sweet tomato was moreish and the egg was cooked perfectly to yolkporn. On the other hand, the hummus with slow cooked lamb went well with the charred pita, and we soon finished the dishes.

The most photogenic dish at Shuk has got to be the Muesli w' Quinoa. We eyed other customers outside (two petite girls) who downed the contents of the muesli as if they were breathing air.  As they scraped the remnants of the yoghurt in their bowls, we received our share.  The mix of nuts and seeds were not too chewy or hard, and the sweetness of the rhubarb was balanced by the acidity of the berry compote.  Although we were stuffed to the brim, we soon hit the bottom of the bowl.

Needless to say, I'd hate to think of how long we would have waited for brunch at Shuk should we not have had the privilege of trialling the Quandoo service.  It's definitely a platform I'd recommend to other brunchers to make your Sundays just a bit easier. 



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